PORT ARANSAS, TEXAS - Come on Vacation, Leave on Probation.

Port Aransas, Texas is under seige by unreasonable and abusive police. The Chief Police is Scott Burroughs, a former Major with Travis Co. SO. Tourists in Port Aransas, Texas, as well as residents, of Port Aransas, Texas have been victimized by our police force. We are all in fear of our police and are retaliated against for speaking out against the Port Aransas police. It tugs at my heart when a family has their vacation ruined by an uncaring and revenue hungry officer. It happens frequently. Because of my own efforts, the police have rewarded me and my family with threats against each of us. As a second generation peace officer, our family is more than prepared to return grief in kind to the police who have conducted themselves as little more than hired thugs and criminals. Under Chief Scott Burroughs, the police department faced its FIRST Federal Civil Rights Lawsuit on record. The City of Port Aransas settled a Federal Lawsuit in Judge Nelva Gonzales Ramos court in the death of a beloved resident in the Port Aransas Jail. The City of Port Aransas may have intentionally withheld evidence of murder by scrubbing the jail cell of blood before the Texas Rangers, who were duped, could process the crime scene. The destruction of evidence was carried out at the direction of the police chief according to a witness to this heinous crime which violated the law and the public trust. See Lancaster et al v. The City of Port Aransas, Texas.
Our best advice to you:
Vacation anywhere but Port Aransas, Texas.
Friends Don't Let Friends Vacation in Port Aransas, Texas
The Port Aransas Police Department is said to be "OUT OF CONTROL."

"Seeing is Believing"
Officer Michael Paul Hannon, PAPD a Poster Boy for Misconduct and Abuse

Hannon is a w-m-30s from the Margate, Florida Area. He lives in Corpus Christi with a spouse.

Allegations of Corruption and Misconduct by the Port Aransas Police, City of Port Aransas, Texas

The intended purpose of this Web site is to share allegations of misconduct, corruption or abuse on the part of the Port Aransas Police, Municipal Court, and/or other divisions of City Government. We are citizens just like you and concerned about the situation in Port Aransas, Texas. If you believe that your allegations are of a criminal nature, we urge you contact the FBI. Contact Info: 800 North Shoreline, Suite 1000, North Tower, Corpus Christi, TX 78401 Phone: (361) 883-8671 E-mail: